I’m a fan of beer, and while I appreciate the depth and breadth of all that is on offer, I’m not quite up to the connoisseur level of consumer, I’m more on the level of “Gee, that’s a nice beer.”

It’s like art. I know what I like. But usually only when I taste it.

The beer, not the art, that is. I don’t go around licking paintings.


Anyway the point of this site is to document my forays into craft beer, and to log my effort to cross off items on The List.

The List is the list of breweries in Victoria, Australia at this point.  Some have cellar doors, and wherever possible I will try to visit them and post my impressions of the place as a whole.  Where there aren’t any direct to public sales, it will be my mission to track down and drink an example of that brewery’s finest ale. Or lager. Or stout. Or cider.